Homemade Eye Drops

Eyes can become irritated, red or itchy for a number of reasons.

If you are suffering from irritated or dry eyes, you can make homemade natural eye drops to help with your symptoms. Eyes can become irritated, red or itchy for a variety of reasons. Some causes include an injury or scratch, allergies, contact lenses and lack of sleep.

You can purchase over-the-counter remedies for irritated eyes that help temporarily. Before you try making and using homemade eye drops, remember that they are not a substitute for medical care. If you are suffering for more than a day or two, seek advice from a medical professional.

Needed Ingredients

To make homemade eye drops, you must purchase a few items. First, you will need an eyedropper. You typically can purchase one for $1 or less at a drug store. You also can purchase them online in larger quantities.

Second, use distilled organic water. Check your local natural-foods chain or grocery store. Never use water from a tap, because it is not purified and can be less sanitary than natural distilled water.

Next, you will need a fresh box of baking soda and a container of salt. Both are available at natural-foods, health food or grocery stores.

Finally, you will need a measuring cup, a measuring spoon and a pan to sterilize the eye dropper and solution.

Making Homemade Eye Drops

First, boil the eye dropper in water to sanitize it.

Next, measure 1 cup of distilled organic water. Into the water, mix ¼ tsp of salt and a pinch (less than 1/8 tsp) of baking soda. Mix well. Pour into pan and boil for a minute to sterilize the mixture.

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Allow the mixture to cool completely before using. Be careful because you don’t want to injure your eyes with a mixture that is too hot. When the solution is cool, use the sterilized eye dropper and add two drops to each affected eye.

Store the eye-drop mixture in a clean and sterilized container.

Before each use, sterilize the mixture and the eye dropper again. Do not use the mixture more than twice per day. Remember, this mixture and this recipe is not a substitute for medical advice from your physician.