Home Treatment For Heat Rash

Heat rash is a common problem during the spring and summer seasons. The little red bumps itch and appear in places that are prone to sweat–under your breast, the fold of your elbow, your groin area and other areas where sweat can linger. Ridding yourself of this pesky aliment can be tough, but this home solution can help relieve some of the pain.

Things Needed for This Remedy

You will need to purchase anti-bacterial soap and cornstarch for this remedy. In a plastic container, pour at least 1 cup of cornstarch. The dry cornstarch will help to cool the skin and dry the heat bumps. Unlike other powders, cornstarch doesn’t contain colognes or other unnecessary chemicals that can irritate your skin.

Applying the Remedy

Preferably at the end of your day, wash the entire body with anti-bacterial soap. Use lukewarm water instead of hot water. Make sure to wash the affected areas first. Rinse the skin at least three times. Dry off fully. Do not allow water to linger on the skin. Take cornstarch and sprinkle on affected areas. Use enough to cover the bumps. Make sure to use the entire cup of cornstarch. Once done, move to a cool and dry room.

Time Frame

Repeat the cornstarch home remedy for at least four days or until the heat rash has gone away.

Warning About Your Bed

If you want to relax on a bed, make sure that your sheets are clean and dry. Try to avoid damp areas.


Don’t apply greasy creams. Your skin needs to remain clean and dry. The key to combating heat is to keep the skin dry from sweat. Also, try to keep away from direct heat.

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