Home Sleep Remedies For Babies

Natural home remedies can naturally promote sleep and relaxation in babies.

With little other choice, parents often have suffered from sleep deprivation alongside their restless infants. While establishing good routines with your babies for bed time and making sure their environment is suitable and relaxing, it also helps to have some time-tested home remedies for sleep and insomnia at hand. Whether used separately or together, soon you and your baby will both be fast to sleep.


Chamomile supports digestion, sleep, relaxes muscles and reduces inflammation.

Chamomile flowers and leaves contain a variety of natural chemicals and essential oils which are relaxing and sedating to the human nervous system. According to Simon Mills and Kerry Bones, authors of “The Essential Guide to Herbal Safety,” the herb is safe for use in pregnancy, lactating mothers and young children. Traditionally chamomile tea has been given to children for insomnia, colic and poor digestion. Scatter chamomile flowers beneath the baby’s sheets at night, or add them to a herbal pillow.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm is antiviral, supports digestion, reduces gas and relaxes the nervous system.

Lemon balm is a relaxing garden herb known to aid digestion and promote calm. Rich in essential oils that stimulate relaxation, the fresh green leaves can be crushed by hand and added to a herbal pillow or placed under the sheets. Alternatively, a drop of the pure essential oil can be placed under the baby’s pillow at night before bed. According to Simon Mills and Kerry Bones, there are no known safety concerns or side effects associated with the use of this herb.

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Lavender oil

Lavender flowers reduce depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Lavender oil is among the most well-known and well-used essential oils available. Inhaling the essential oil of lavender flowers stimulates parts of the human brain to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and depression, relax muscles and fight insomnia. There are no known side effects or contraindications when taking lavender oil if it is taken as directed. Use a drop or two on the underside of your baby’s pillow or use a herbal pillow to help support a healthy night’s rest.

Bach Flowers

Bach remedies are vibrational essences of medicinal flowers and plants.

Bach flowers are homeopathic plant remedies that were devised by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930’s to aid imbalances of the emotions and mood. Parents can either purchase Rescue Remedy for their baby and add it to milk or formula, or they can visit a Bach flower practitioner and have a custom remedy made up specifically for their baby’s needs. Some possible sleep remedies include white chestnut for obsessive thoughts, mimulus for worry, olive for exhaustion and aspen for anxiousness.