Home Remedy To Fall Asleep

Sometimes it can be difficult to fall asleep. There’s nothing worse than watching the clock slowly tick away. While an easy solution would be to take sleeping pills, some people don’t want to become dependant on them. For these people there are home remedies.

About Insomnia

Many people experience insomnia. Using a natural sleep aid, rather than risking a sleeping-pill dependency, might be the right choice for you. You may however, want to check with your doctor first to make sure there is not a more serious problem.

Home Remedies

Try wearing ear plugs at night to avoid any disturbances.

Do not drink or eat anything containing caffeine. You should start to slow down with these products after 3 p.m. and fully cut them at least three hours before bedtime.

Take ¾ cup of milk and heat it just to the boiling point, either on the stove or in the microwave. Stir in a teaspoon of sugar and sprinkle nutmeg on top to barely cover the surface. Stir well. Nutmeg and hot milk are natural sedatives that will help you sleep.

Juice and drink some lettuce, which contains a sleep-inducing substance called lactucarium.

Massage cheese curd into your scalp before showering. This will help induce sleep. Eating a lot of curd also has the same effect.

Take honey with water before going to bed. Honey is a known sleep inducer.

Try doing yoga, which is both physically and mentally relaxing.

Take a hot bath a few hours before you go to bed. This relaxes your body and prepares it for sleep.

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Eat a few cookies before bed. It has been shown that sugary foods eaten 30 minutes before bedtime can act as a sedative. Be careful to eat only a few cookies, though, or the sugar will have an opposite effect.

Epsom salts can also be used as a sedative. Add one to two cups of epsom salts to a hot bath. Soak for about 20 minutes before going to bed.

Mash a banana in a bowl and add roasted cumin seeds to it. Mix these together and take it after dinner. This mixture will help your body induce sleep.

Sprinkle crushed lavender on your pillow. You can also rub it on your neck and chest.