Home Remedy’S For Leg Ulcers

Leg ulcers are caused by a couple of reasons. They can be caused by a wound that did not heal properly, diabetes or vascular problems. When a leg ulcer does not heal, infection can be a big concern. It is important to start treatment as soon as possible, and there are treatments that can be done at home to help facilitate the healing process.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic as well as an antiseptic. It has been used for thousands of years to purify water. It has also been discovered that bacteria have a hard to time building a resistance to colloidal silver, which adds to its benefits of fighting infection. It has a broad spectrum action known to kill over 650 varieties of disease organisms.

Colloidal silver can be taken internally or applied as a topical ointment. To take colloidal silver internally, you can take 25 to 100 micro grams of colloidal silver on a daily basis. Taking higher amounts are only recommended under therapeutic conditions. Colloidal silver is typically purchased by online orders. It should only be mixed with distilled water to prevent it from attaching to other minerals and not working at its optimum. Colloidal silver cream can be used by first washing and disinfecting the wound, then applying colloidal cream to the affected area. You can also use it in a spray.

Terrasil Cream

Terrasil cream works to prevent infection, reduce inflammation, aids to heal sores and helps prevent scarring. It kills bacteria on contact. It contains Jojoba, organic beeswax, and natural essential oil. These ingredients help to relieve pain and discomfort. Terrasil cream works to promote the growth of new skin cells by stimulating blood flow. It also nourishes the affected area by encouraging new growth of tissue to prduce faster repair of damaged tissue and skin regeneration.

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To use terrasil cream, clean the wound at least once a day thoroughly before applying terrasil cream. You should attempt to remove and dead tissue on and around the wound before applying terrasil cream. Apply a generous amount on and around the wound. The cream will appear to be a dark color. As you rub it, it will turn clear. You should apply terrasil cream at least three times a day, however there are no side effects to using it more.

Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise play an important role in most health conditions, one of the conditions is leg ulcers. Circulation is very important in the process of healing a leg ulcer. One way to make sure you get good circulation and blood flow to the wound is through exercise. The ulcerated leg needs to be exercised on a regular basis. You should get approximately thirty minutes of exercise to the affected leg daily. Leg lifts, calf raises and leg extensions are good exercises to increase blood flow. You should not stand on the affected leg too long, however, and when you are sitting it is important to keep the leg elevated above the heart.

A healthy diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and protein is an excellent way to facilitate healing for a leg ulcer. When you eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, your body works at its optimum level to heal damaged tissue.