Home Remedy For Water Weight Gain

Edema, the accumulation of excess fluid in the body, results in water weight gain. Edema symptoms include swollen ankles, feet, knees and legs. Other symptoms include general bloating and a swollen face. Causes of water weight gain include alcohol, pregnancy, salty foods, sedentary lifestyle and underlying health conditions. An effective home remedy for water weight gain combines an increased fluid intake, dietary changes, exercise and massage.

Fluids and Diet

An effective home remedy for water weight gain begins with an increase in daily water intake. Drinking water increases kidney functions and signals the body to let go of water it is retaining. The human body often retains water as self-preservation when too much salt is present in the body. Urine also contains salt, and this naturally occurring salt triggers water retention. Increase water intake to dilute the salts and flush them out of the bladder. Refrain from eating salty foods and adding extra salt to food. A popular home remedy for water weight gain is to add 2 tsp. of apple cider vinegar to water twice a day. Add honey to taste to make the apple cider vinegar water more palatable.


Exercise is a home remedy for water weight gain. The human body expels water and diluted salts through respiration. Sweating aids in the relief from water retention and the resulting water weight. Sweat carries excess water and salts out of the body through the skin. If required to sit for long periods, get up and move around as often as possible. Movement increases blood circulation. Blood circulation carries waste to the excretory system. Prop legs up above heart level while reclining to force fluids that have pooled in the legs towards the torso. The circulatory system transports the excess fluids to the kidneys and bladder for elimination.

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Massage limbs affected by edema toward the heart to force the excess fluid into the circulatory system. Massage affected limbs with warm mustard oil. If no mustard oil is available, soak 2 tsp. of mustard seeds in hot water until the water cools to a comfortable temperature. Use the mustard seed water to massage swollen areas, or soak cloths in the water and lay them over swollen areas. Soak cloths in apple cider vinegar and place the cloths over swollen areas as another home remedy for eliminating water weight gain. Wear compression stockings to prevent fluids from pooling in the legs and to help fight fluid retention.