Home Remedy For Throwing Up From The Flu

Individuals who contract the influenza virus, commonly known simply as “the flu,” experience a number of unpleasant symptoms including weakened muscles, runny noses and nausea. Incessant vomiting, for many flu sufferers, can quickly become the most unpleasant of these symptoms; despite the seriousness of this affliction, a number of home remedies offer quick and effective vomiting relief.

Onion Juice

Although the concept of onion juice may not initially appeal to many flu sufferers, holistic health experts at Earth Clinic Folk Remedies attest to the concoction’s ability to quickly stop bouts of vomiting. Adapted from a traditional recipe used by the Ayurveda, a native people indigenous to the Indian subcontinent, anti-vomiting onion juice starts with a peppermint tea base. After preparing the tea, grate an onion and squeeze it through cheesecloth or a paper towel to yield about one tablespoon of pure onion juice. Swallow the onion juice by itself, then quickly follow it with a drink of cooled peppermint tea. According to holistic practitioners at Earth Clinic, the combination of onion juice and peppermint should soothe the stomach and stop vomiting within about fifteen minutes.

Black Tea

For a liquid remedy somewhat less abrasive than raw onion juice, consider sipping a cup of hot black or regular tea. According to a number of users on the Earth Clinic website, hot black tea helps settle the stomach in individuals with the flu or simple stomach irritation. One user from Florida expressed that after four days of flu-related vomiting, a cup of hot tea, though bitter, provided nearly instant relief from repeated bouts of throwing up. As an added bonus, mixing natural honey with hot tea is widely believed to sooth sore throats associated with the flu.

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Clear Liquids

Although many individuals feel like flu-related vomiting will persist even with no food present, many foods can cause a feeling of nausea progress to full-blown vomiting just by existing in the stomach or small intestine. To help prevent vomiting while suffering from the flu, restrict food intake to remove all solid foods, sodas, milk products and any other consumable goods aside from clear liquids. Flu sufferers must remember to continue a regular intake of clear liquids, though, as the body requires an amount of calories and liquid to fight the influenza infection and fully recover from the illness.


Individuals who suffer from the flu often report a feeling of sore and achy muscles, and many have a considerably reduced desire to maintain active movement. According to QuickCare.org, a health information website favorably reviewed by the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundations, movement and physical exertion can actually aggravate feelings of nausea and prompt the individual to throw up more frequently and aggressively. For this reason, individuals who experience the flu should rest, as rest will avert vomiting while allowing the body to dedicate its energy and resources to fighting the flu virus.