Home Remedy For Pregnancy Hyperpigmentation

The pregnancy mask, otherwise known as hyperpigmentation, indicates that your skin is producing too much melanin, usually because of hormone imbalance or sun exposure during pregnancy. While hyperpigmentation is usually nothing to worry about, it is very noticeable, and you may want to try to remove it without harsh creams that might be unsafe during pregnancy. There are several home remedies for getting rid of hyperpigmentation, and one single remedy may not work for everyone.


Citrus has natural bleaching qualities because when you apply it to your skin, it removes the top layer of cells (see Reference 2). To make a skin lightening treatment at home, mix lime juice with turmeric powder until it is the consistency of a paste. Apply it to the dark spots on your skin. Or, you could mix lemon juice with a small amount of honey; apply that to your dark spots and rinse. Be aware that citrus may sting broken skin and eyes, so if you have broken or sensitive skin, or if your hyperpigmentation is near your eyes, citrus remedies may not be right for you.


The acetic acid found in vinegar may help naturally bleach your skin. To make a vinegar home remedy for hyperpigmentation, mix equal parts white vinegar and water, and wash your skin with the solution. Rinse well with plenty of water afterward, because vinegar has a strong odor and can leave sticky residue on your skin. Do this once a day for several days until you begin to see improvement.


According to YGo Home Remedies (see Reference 3), potatoes contain starch and mild bleaching properties that, when applied to your skin, may help with hyperpigmentation. Simply juice one potato like you would any citrus fruit and apply the juice to the dark spots on your skin once a day. If this remedy works for you, you should begin seeing results after ten days.

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