Home Remedy For Hives On A Dog’S Stomach

Hives in dogs, like in humans, are caused by an allergic reaction to something they’ve eaten, smelled or touched. Unfortunately, unlike humans, dogs don’t understand what’s causing the itching and sometimes even bite at the bumps. But no worries. You can stop your dog’s itching with a few basic home remedies.

Eliminating the Product

If you know what caused hives on your dog, the first step is to quit using or remove the irritant. This may be easy or difficult to do, depending on whether or not you’ve changed a usual brand. Check food, soaps and lotions first as these are the most common causes of hives in dogs.

No Baths

Like most pet owners, your first instinct when you see hives on your dog is to give it a bath. Don’t. Giving a dog a hot bath while he’s got a hive breakout can cause additional skin irritation and drying, resulting in even more itching and scratching.


Chamomile tea steamed and applied directly to the skin can soothe any irritation your pet may be having. Be sure to pat the area with the tea, not scrub or wipe as this may increase itching.


Basic Benadryl with only diphenhydramine HCl and none of the phedrine family can get rid of your dog’s hives. Figure 1 milligram of Benadryl for every pound of your dog’s weight. Benadryl can be given to dogs every 8-12 hours.

See the Doctor

If your dog’s hives persist for more than 24 hours or if symptoms get worse, call a veterinarian. Hives, in rare cases, can be a symptom of other problems. If your dog begins having seizures or difficulty breathing, take it to an ER veterinarian immediately.

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