Home Remedy For Allergy Scabs On Cats

Home Remedy for Allergy Scabs on Cats

Your cat may develop an allergic reaction from a flea bite. You’ll notice her itching, scratching, licking and even biting herself compulsively. Without treatment, your cat’s skin may become severely irritated and covered in scabs. It’s worth trying a natural remedy to make your cat comfortable, but if the symptoms persist, take her to a veterinarian.

Soothing Your Cat’s Skin Naturally

If you notice scabs on your cat’s skin, try to relieve your pet’s symptoms first by treating her with natural remedies that pose no serious potential side effects. You may give your cat 10 to 25 mg of a B-complex formula that includes B-1 every day. In addition, add oil of evening primrose to her daily diet to relieve the allergic skin reaction.

Another good natural option is homeopathy. Give your pet sulfur 30 C, a homeopathic formula that helps stop allergic reactions to flea bites in cats. If the skin has become inflamed, give your cat arsenicum, another homeopathic remedy.

You can also use a topical treatment. Lightly press a wet, warm black teabag on the scab for about five minutes, twice a day. Black tea has tannic acid, which relieves itching. It keeps your cat from scratching, allowing her skin to heal. Afterward, put some aloe vera on the affected area. You can either squeeze the gel from a plant leaf or use a commercial gel. If you buy the aloe vera, check that all of the ingredients are natural.

If you feel qualified or know someone who is, acupressure or acupuncture can also be effective treatments against the skin irritation that develops in cats sensitive to the flea’s saliva. Consult a cat chart and locate pressure points five and 15, for itching and blood cleansing respectively. It is becoming more popular for veterinarians to receive training as animal acupuncturists, as well. Ask at your vet’s office whether they can recommend someone, or check the directory of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, www.holisticvetlist.com, for a holistic veterinarian in your area.

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Most of these natural supplements are available at your local health-food store. Look in the pet section first. With allergy to flea bites being so common, they may also have proprietary formulas proven to heal feline scabs.