Home Remedy For A Nervous Rash

A skin rash can have a number of causes. You can develop a rash after coming in contact with a substance with which your body does not agree. High levels of nervousness or stress can also cause a rash. The good news is that simple home remedies can help reduce the itching and swelling of a stress-related rash.

Nervous Rash

The most common types of skin rashes caused by nerves or stress are eczema and hives. Both appear as small patches of redness on the skin. The blotches can sometimes become dry and scaly, and the affected areas can itch. Eczema generally lasts longer than hives. Hives can disappear in a matter of minutes or hours. Both conditions can be rather unsightly, especially hives, because they’re usually on the face or neck.

Home Remedies

Simple home remedies can relieve both hives and eczema. First, try applying something cold: a compress, an ice pack, ice wrapped in a cloth or even a bag of frozen vegetables. A milk bath or simply a cloth soaked in half milk and half water is another home remedy. Rinse the area well to remove the milk. You can use baking soda in a similar way. Add a half cup of baking soda to your bath water and relax in it to soothe itching. Witch hazel is another home remedy that can be used as long as your rash does not have any open areas. It can be purchased at almost any drugstore and applied to the rash using cotton balls. Still another over-the-counter home remedy is coal tar. Although this is a great substance for itch relief, it can stain fabrics, so avoid getting it on clothes, sheets or furniture. You can use this product like the baking

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Rashes caused by nerves often appear in places that are difficult to cover up. Calamine lotion relieves hive- and eczema-caused itching, but it is pink. Some people who are already self-conscious about a rash do not want to attract more attention by using a pink lotion. As an alternative, try an over-the-counter product called Rhuli Gel. This product comes in a clear gel. Additionally, you can try any lotion that contains pramoxine, which is in Aveeno and Caladryl. Last, the simplest home remedy is to just let the rash breathe. When at home, don’t bother to cover the rash unless it’s oozing or bleeding.


Simply relaxing can remedy a nervous rash. Deep breathing, positive thinking and avoiding stressful situations can help it disappear quickly, especially when relaxation is combined with other home remedies