Home Remedy For A Neck Rash

Rashes can have a number of causes and can be quite uncomfortable, as they often itch and spread. Neck rashes in particular can be caused by allergies to cologne, too much heat or irritation to the sensitive skin on that area of the body. Over-the-counter creams and medicines can be expensive and dry out skin. They can even make the rash worse. Natural remedies are often the best way to go to clear up the rash.

What is a Rash?

Rashes are outbreaks of bumps that can change the way the skin looks and feels and cause uncomfortable symptoms such as itching and redness. Rashes can affect only one area or be widespread. Causes include infection, illness, heat and allergies.

Home Remedies

Take time to relax and de-stress. Anxiety and stress can cause or aggravate rashes. The body releases chemicals that force white blood cells to clog blood vessel walls beneath the skin, leading to redness and irritation on the skin surface.

Take plenty of vitamin C for its anti-oxident properties, but you can also apply this to the rash itself. Mix a few crushed vitamin C tablets with a bit of water to make a lotion you can apply directly to skin.

Don’t use colognes or aftershaves on the neck area, as the alcohol in these may dry out skin and irritate rash further.

Apply chamomile tea or olive oil to the affected area, as both have soothing qualities.

Make a baking soda paste by mixing baking soda with a little water and apply to rash. This is best done at night, as the paste can be a bit messy and transfer to clothing.

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