Home Remedy For A Lipoma

A lipoma

Lipomas are fatty tumors that grow gradually beneath your skin. They are more often than not completely benign and cause few problems. If you find them unsightly and want to reduce them without surgery, here are a few methods to try. However, consult your physician first to ensure that they are indeed benign.

At the Source

There are at least two herbal treatments that have been linked to reducing the size or removing the tumors altogether. Chickweed is an herb that can be made into a tea or used as an ointment to deal with lipomas. Take 2 tsp. of dried chickweed and steep it in boiling water for 15 minutes to create the tea. You can purchase the dried herb or a chickweed-based cream from many health-food stores.

Thuja occidentalis (a type of cedar) is often used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine to treat warts, polyps and skin problems. Rub your lipomas with a mixture of five drops of thuja extract and water two to three times a day.

Knock out the Fat

Because lipomas are composed of fat, reducing your body‘s overall fat content can help reduce some of the material that the tumors can draw upon. Remove most of the saturated fat from your diet by eating only lean meats and avoiding high-fat dairy products.

You can also try herbal remedies that claim to boost the metabolism and diminish fat. Green tea has become popular in recent years as a fat burner, and though there are supplements, it is best to drink the real thing. Indian bedellium—also called guggul—is used in traditional lndian medicine to burn fat. Do not use this herb if you are suffering from any kind of thyroid condition, as its main action is an increase in thyroid activity. Lastly, bitter orange (citrus aurantium) is a supplement purported to stoke the metabolism.

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Although these herbs can help, use them in tandem with proper diet and adequate exercise. It may take up to two or three months to see any result from these efforts to reduce your body‘s fat content.

Healing Immunity

Improving your immune system will give your body a better chance at flushing out the toxins that can lead to lipoma creation. Take echinacea, an herb with antiviral, antibacterial and immune-stimulating properties. The capsule form of this herb can be taken three times a day. Dandelion can help remove toxins from the body and bolster the immune system. Try using 2 tbsp. of the weed steeped in boiling water to create a tea that can help with your lipomas. The herb thyme is also helpful in purifying the blood of toxins. Use more thyme in your food or take a few tablespoons of fresh thyme juice per day.