Home Remedies To Dissolve Kidney Stones

Home Remedies to Dissolve Kidney Stones

Kidney stones provide some of the worst pain a person can feel. While there is not one method of kidney stone relief that works all the time, there are some things to be done to improve your chances of dissolving them or passing them in a timelier manner.

Kidney Stone Treatments

Basil is said to have a strengthening effect for the kidneys. It has been found that kidney stones can be expelled from the body by taking 1 tsp. of both basil juice and honey each day for a period of six months.

Celery helps to prevent the body from forming kidney stones. So if you have a history of them, adding celery to your diet is a good idea.

The consumption of grapes is a good cure for kidney stones. They have a high diuretic value due to their large quantities of water and potassium salt.

Watermelon carries the largest water ratio of all the fruits. This makes it one of the best sources for kidney stone relief.

Foods and Beverages to Avoid

Avoiding foods and beverages that aggravate the kidneys is the goal. Alcoholic beverages, pickles, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, meats and gravies are all items to stay away from. Restrict protein to 1 g per kilogram of food. Foods high in protein can cause additional irritation to occur. Incorporating a low protein diet is a must to alleviate kidney stones. Meat is one of the foods that cause the most uric acid to form in the kidneys, which helps stones form and grow.

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Restrict Calcium and Phosphates

Items that are rich in calcium and phosphates can cause more kidney stones to form. Some of the foods that carry these traits are whole wheat flour, peas, spinach, carrots and almonds. This will help limit the intake of excess calcium.


While kidney stones can be very painful and make you want to just lie still, movement is actually beneficial. Too much stillness does not create enough disruption to cause the stones to break up. During moments of less pain, try to get some exercise. Move around enough to try to create a less sedentary environment for the kidney stone.


Water needs to be the only beverage of choice. Flushing the kidneys are essential to removing stones or having them break up and dissolve. Drink 6 to 10 glasses per day. Drinking too much water can lead to the stripping of the lining in the bladder, which can cause an infection.