Home Remedies To Cover Stretch Marks

Side Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are unwelcome additions to most people’s lives. Quite common and rather unsightly, stretch marks can attack during pregnancy, after rapid weight loss/gain or in many other situations due to an increase in glucocorticoids in the bloodstream. While some people opt for cosmetic surgery or laser treatment to cover stretch marks, others rely on home remedies to conceal stretch marks. Although it is difficult to heal a stretch mark completely, certain lotions and creams are quite effective ways to improve the appearance of stretch marks. Does this Spark an idea?

Covering Red Stretch Marks

If you want to heal your stretch marks, start your treatment when they’re red, pink or purple. Various creams have been shown to help cover and even remove nascent stretch marks. Tretinoin cream helps some stretch marks, but should be avoided by pregnant women. For those who want to use tretinoin, visit your doctor for a prescription or use an over-the-counter variety such as Afirm 3X. The Derma Doctor Audrey Kunin suggests applying the tretinoin on your stretch marks every night for 12 months.

Other effective gels and creams for early stretch marks include an onion-juice extract gel known as Mederma and Cellex-C High Potency Serum. Both options are safe for those pregnant or nursing, in addition to most other people with red stretch marks.

Covering White Stretch Marks

If your stretch marks are already white or silvery, they have progressed and require a combination of the same creams that treat red stretch marks and additional solutions. While white stretch marks may never go away completely, they can improve in appearance from the right medications. AHA-20 is an exfoliating lotion with glycolic acid that, when used with Cellex-C or a Vitamin A cream like Renova, produces great cover-up results. Nutraderm Advanced Formula Lotion is another cream that one can use in combination with Cellex-C or Renova. Since Renova is a Vitamin A medication, take appropriate caution, as Vitamin A can carry significant health risks if used improperly.

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Dr. Kunin recommends using a Vitamin A cream at night, followed by AHA 20 or Nutraderm Advanced Formula in the morning. If you prefer Cellex-C, Kunin suggests AHA/Nutraderm at night and Cellex-C in the morning.

Non-Scientific Methods

The most prevalent un-proven stretch-mark remedy is cocoa butter. Although medical studies have not conclusively established that cocoa butter provides any relief for stretch marks, many still swear by it. Cocoa butter contains antioxidants that may cover up and soothe stretch marks due to the overall healing powers of antioxidants. However, since cocoa butter products are not proven remedies, only try cocoa butter if you do not want to use prescription creams or powerful over-the-counter remedies. Other vitamins and compounds that may help prevent and/or cover stretch marks include Gotu Kola, Vitamin E and Collagen Hydrolysates. Studies on the actual effectiveness of these substances are quite minimal as well.