Home Remedies To Bring On A Period Early

Periods are normal occurrences in a woman’s life. But when a period is late it can cause stress and anxiety about the concern that pregnancy may have occurred or that something else is wrong within the reproductive system. Usually signs and symptoms occur before a period starts. If you cannot wait for your period and want it to start it you can try some home remedies to bring on a period early.

Pre-poning Periods

Starting a period early, or pre-poning a period, is done for various reasons. It may be to verify that you are not pregnant, or because you do not want to have your period for a certain occasion. Pre-poning a period can usually only be done close the time of the normal period. Usually certain signs and symptoms occur about a week before a period is supposed to start. But occasionally periods can be very sporadic, especially when just entering into puberty. Some signs and symptoms that a period is impending are cramping, bloating, breast tenderness, water retention, increased hunger and sometimes acne.

Pre-poning Period Remedies

You can start a period early by keeping a healthy weight, engaging in normal exercise, reducing stress, getting lots of rest and eating lots of papaya. Other period inducers include mixing red sage, African saffron, chamomile, lemon balm, elecampane, parsley and basil together into a tea. Drink one cup of this mixture every three hours or so. You can also pre-pone a period by combining 1/4 tsp. of ginger with yarrow, rosemary, motherwort, mugwort, false valerian, southernwood, thyme, ephedra, angelica and gentian into a tea and drinking it. Another recipe calls for pennyroyal, black cohosh, blue cohosh, 6 grams of myrrh, and vitamin C. Drink this tea five days before your period is due.

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If none of the remedies worked and you still do not receive a period during your normal time, you may have an underlying condition that you need to speak with your doctor about. Some underlying conditions that prevent periods are pregnancy, the use of certain medications, uterine scarring, birth control, ovarian insufficiency, amenorrhea, stress, breastfeeding, pituitary disease, extreme exercise, unhealthy body weight, hormone imbalances, chromosomal abnormalities, hypothalamus problems, reproductive problems or problems with the structure of the vagina.