Home Remedies For Yeast Infections In Children

Home Remedies for Yeast Infections in Children

Children are experiencing the aggravating and uncomfortable effects of yeast infections at an increasing rate. While many believe that the problem affects only women, children of both sexes can experience the pain and irritation of a yeast infection due to a variety of causes.


Yeast infections in children can present in many ways. Children who use antibiotics and eat sugar, refined flour and processed foods are at a greater risk of experiencing these infections.


While extreme redness and itching in the groin area is common, the infections can also affect the digestive system, leading to colic and other intestinal distress. Thrush, evident by a white coating on the inside of the mouth, can also be present in younger sufferers.


Prevention is key for yeast infections, and starting a healthful dietary routine can even alleviate the effects of an infection in progress. However, children usually can bounce back quickly from a bout by using home remedies that have no side effects.


It is important to only use unsweetened, plain yogurt. Fresh fruit can be added, but sweeteners should be avoided. Not only can this remedy be eaten, it can be very soothing when topically applied to affected body parts as well.

Essential Oils

Tea tree and lavender essential oils are extremely helpful in destroying yeast colonies. For children, the oils should be diluted in a carrier oil to avoid any burning sensations. The oils can even be added to the yogurt when smeared over irritated skin.


Diets high in processed foods and sugary treats are catalysts for yeast colonization, and should be avoided. Children suffering from yeast infections usually crave sweets, since this is the yeast’s survival mechanism. Breaking the cycle can be difficult, but symptoms are usually eliminated when more nutritional foods are introduced with greater frequency. Adding a daily serving of yogurt can restore balance to the system as well.

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