Home Remedies For Poor Circulation

Poor circulation can lead to numb hands and feet, a feeling of being cold when it isn’t, and an overall decreased quality of life. While advanced symptoms of poor circulation should be checked out by a physician to make sure they aren’t signs of an underlying condition, there are some things you can try first at home to improve your blood flow. Here are a few home remedies for poor circulation that you can put to work right away.


Hydrotherapy–using water to get the blood flowing–is one of the most effective home remedies for poor circulation. Concentrate on taking hot and cold showers, focusing the water on the area most affected by the weak blood flow. By letting very warm water flow over these areas, you can force blood to that area, if only for a brief time. When this happens, switch over to very cold water, which will then send the blood rushing to the internal organs.

Cayenne Spice

Cayenne spice acts as a natural stimulant to the circulatory system. Taking it speeds up the heart rate and sends the blood rushing throughout the body. This not only improves blood flow in the short term, but will strengthen the arteries, meaning that a regular dose of cayenne can actually train the body to improve its circulation on a natural, regular basis.


Lack of exercise is the quickest way to compound or even create the problem of poor circulation. When the body exercises, it has no choice but to send the blood flowing throughout the body. When you perform physical activity on a regular basis, it will speed up the metabolism and your blood vessels will permanently open up, even in those extremities where circulation has been poor in the past. Walking, swimming, running … the choice is yours, but the keys are dedication and keeping your exercise routine regular.

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Quit Smoking

Cigarettes are filled with the drug nicotine, which is a leading cause of poor circulation. By quitting the habit, you will take away stress on your heart and lungs, potentially adding years to your life and likely feeling immediate improvement in your circulatory system.