Home Remedies For Plantar Warts On The Feet

Home Remedies for Plantar Warts on the Feet

There are several home remedies for plantar warts on the feet. Plantar warts often go away on their own, but they can be painful. Treating plantar warts at home can help them go away faster. Try these old fashioned cures for plantar warts.


Plantar warts show up on the soles and the ball of the feet. Look for small and grainy, fleshy bumps that are on the soles of the feet. You may also have hard, flat growths, with rough surfaces and well-defined boundaries. Another representation would be grey or brown lumps, with or without black pinpoints. Finally, any bumps that interrupt the normal lines and the ridges in the skin of the feet may be plantar warts.

Salycilic Acid

Over the counter remedies for plantar warts, like Curad Mediplast, Dr. Scholl’s Clear Away Plantar, and others are simply solutions of salycilic acid. Use the applicator to apply the acid to the affected area a few times a day. As the infected skin dies away, it can be scraped off with an emery board, or peeled off. It often takes three to four weeks to remove plantar warts with these remedies.

Duct Tape

Using a small piece of duct tape, cover the wart for six days and then soak the foot in warm water, scrubbing with a pumice stone until the dead skin is gone. Repeat as needed, sometimes for up to two months.


Soak your foot in vinegar for 30 minutes once a day for a few days. The wart will die and the skin will be able to peel off little by little. This method is reported to work in under two weeks, with pain relieved in under 24 hours. There doesn’t seem to be a difference between the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar and white vinegar.

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Aloe Vera

Either a bottle of aloe vera gel, or the tips of the leaves from your aloe vera plant, work as home remedies for plantar warts on the feet. Apply heavily because it is absorbed quickly. Cover with a bandage, and reapply several times a day. Peel away the dead skin as it accumulates.


Using a band-aid, a thin slice of old-fashioned, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial garlic is adhered to the skin. A garlic oil capsule can also be broken open and pressed into the wart. This process can take up to a month.