Home Remedies For Mange In Puppies

Puppies deserve the best of care when it comes to getting rid of mange.

Mange is a skin disorder caused by demodectic and sarcoptic mites, which burrow into a dog’s skin to suck blood and lay eggs. This causes hair loss, intense itching and scabby, flaky skin. Although vets prescribe medicated washes, some people prefer to fight mange with natural home remedies.

Enzymes and Herbs

Many online retailers specialize in natural enzyme and herbal shampoos to fight lice and mites. These washes are nontoxic, gentle and, usually, smell very pleasant. They are a natural and gentle way to shampoo away mites and their aftermath. This is particularly important with puppies, who are more sensitive to harsh medications.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax

You can mix 1 percent hydrogen peroxide with water and borax powder to create your own medicated rinse. This recipe provides a rinse, rather than a shampoo, so you should pour it over the puppy, and leave it to do its work of killing off mites. You should repeat the rinse once a week. This remedy is a little more harsh, and you should not use it on very young puppies.

Cooking Oil

Spreading cooking oil over the mange spots on a puppy softens and moisturizes the skin while killing the mites. This is a gentle, soothing way to treat mange.

Bathing and Bedding

Regular baths, good grooming and fresh, clean bedding should all be part of any home mange remedy. Mites can live in bedding, to reinfest a cured puppy. Consistent bathing and grooming can prevent future mite infestations.

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