Home Remedies For Infection In A Cat’S Ear

Cats possess a dynamic range of hearing capabilities that nearly triple those of humans. Their large, sensitive ears scoop up sound as well as attract dirt and parasites. Home remedies for a cat’s ear infection, irritation or abscess can heal in some instances. Give these ideas a good college try before seeking a veterinarian’s assistance.


Watch for these symptoms when determining the nature of your cat’s irritation. If the inner ear flaps looks dirty, they may simply require cleaning. Persistent scratching of the ears could be caused by fleas, allergies, ringworm, ear mites, inner ear infection or a brain tumor.

Peek inside and around the ear to see if fleas or sores are present. If there is swelling or she tilts her head side-to-side frequently, call for an immediate visit to a veterinarian. These signs indicate the same pathogens or parasites as above, along with the possibility of more serious inner ear complications.

Ear Cleaning

Cat’s ears, like humans’, are self-cleaning generally, but there is an occasional need to clean them. You can remove black specks of dirt or waxy deposits with a cotton swab dipped in Vitamin E or olive oils. Never dig into a cat’s ear canal area. Stroke and calm the cat while attempting this. Finish the session with praise and treats.

Smothering Parasites

Mites suck and chew inside a cat’s ear. They are invisible to the eye. In the early stages, signs of mites will look like dirt — dark and waxy. Do an initial cleaning and observe over a few days if the substance returns. Mites, like fleas, lay their eggs cyclically and must be smothered over time. Try gently dripping olive oil into the ears one time per day. This will soothe any irritation. If the condition worsens, a doctor visit is advised. If the ear improves, continue daily for at least 10 days.

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Herbal Remedies

Mix equal parts of rosemary, thyme and rue infusions. Add that into olive oil at a ratio of 50/50. This combination, dripped into the ear, will clean it as well as smother mites.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies prescribed include sulfur, psorium, rhus tox and graphites. Azadirachta and allium sativum are disinfectant and antibacterial, helping to prevent infections. Calendula officinalis is anti-inflammatory and promotes healing. Treatments need to be performed under the guidance of a trained doctor.

Improving the Diet

All cats benefit from a diet filled with antioxidants and essential fatty acids from animal sources. Low quality, highly processed foods contribute to poor health, including an inability to fight off infection.