Home Remedies For Diarrhea In Cats

Diarrhea is very common in cats. They can develop it from poor food, pathogens, toxins, parasites, or disease. Minor, temporary diarrhea is usually not serious for adult cats and cat owners can take care of it through home remedies. Please note, however, that watery, bloody, or persistent diarrhea can indicate serious problems that require veterinary attention.


1. Stop feeding the new food if you’ve recently switched cat foods. The food may contain something your cat is sensitive to. In addition, many pet foods, even some top brands, contain ingredients that may further irritate your cat’s intestines if she has diarrhea. These ingredients include dyes, artificial preservatives and animal by-products.

2. Feed the cat a small portion of plain yogurt. Normally dairy products are not something to give a cat with diarrhea (cheese and milk can cause diarrhea in cats). However, yogurt contains bacteria helpful to the intestines. Cats with intestinal bacteria imbalances will often develop diarrhea. Yogurt sometimes solves minor diarrhea within a day.

3. Feed only bland foods until diarrhea has stopped. Chicken (human grade) and rice are good for most cats with minor diarrhea. Boil chicken breast, drain it and chop into small pieces. Cook a small amount of rice and mix this with the chicken. If the cat won’t eat it, freeze the food to use later.

4. Withhold all food for one day (if the cat is an adult). Doing this rests your cat’s digestive system. Make sure to leave out plenty of water for your cat, however. When the diarrhea has passed, feed the cat bland foods and gradually introduce her regular food.

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