Home Remedies For Diabetic Nerve Pain

Diabetic nerve pain, known also as neuropathy, is a degenerative condition that causes pain and burning as well as muscle fatigue. Diabetic neuropathy can be treated by focusing on the underlying condition of diabetes as well as pain management. There are several home remedies available to the patient.


Prevent any long periods of sitting in one position to help alleviate nerve pain. Do not cross your arms or legs for a long period of time. Every 15 minutes switch positions or get up and walk around. Try to avoid putting pressure on the hands, elbow, knees or other joints to prevent new nerve damage.

Exercise regularly using low impact aerobics to keep the blood flowing throughout the body and ease nerve pain. Do range of motion exercises, such as dancing and power walking, to improve the body’s ability to deal with pain. Exercise will keep blood sugar levels low, controlling the diabetic cause of the nerve pain.

Feet Care

Take care of the feet to prevent nerve damage. The feet are susceptible to nerve damage from diabetes due to their constant use. Check your feet for blisters and cuts daily as this may indicate problems with your shoes. Try loose shoes if blisters or cuts appear as tight shoes may make pain worse as well as lead to wounds that will not heal. Wear cotton socks that are loose and breathe. Wear pads in the shoes to dampen impact when walking. Buy a hoop for the bed that keeps the covers of the bed off the feet to prevent overheating and pressure.

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Try homeopathic methods to help relieve pain from diabetic neuropathy. Use Aconite for pains, numbness and burning sensations in the extremities. Use belladonna to ease sudden shooting pains and redness of the skin due to pain. Use hypericum to keep pain out of fingers, toes and the arms and legs.

Cut down on coffee as the drink may interfere with the homeopathic methods.