Home Remedies For Demodectic Mange

Demodectic mange can be brought on by illness or an immune deficiency.

Tiny mites that occur naturally on a dog’s skin can cause demodectic mange. Occasionally, sickness or immune deficiencies in the dog may occur and the population of mites grows too large, which causes the skin condition. Home remedies will treat the mange if it is caught in the early stages, and if the pet owner remains diligent regarding treatment. Demodectic mange left untreated can result in a lifelong skin disease for a dog. It’s a good idea to consult your veterinarian if you plan to try a home remedy.

Prolate/Lintox — HD Dip

Dips are a non-invasive treatment option, and there are several that offer good results. Since the mites that cause demodectic mange live in the hair follicle, the pet owner should clip the dog’s fur in problem areas before dipping. This maximizes the amount of treatment reaching the mites. An effective dip is Prolate /Lintox–HD, which as of 2010 can be found online and at most farm supply stores for about $20 per 32 oz. Dip the dog in a diluted solution of 1 oz. dip mixed with 1 gal. water. Keep the solution away from the dog’s head. Use a cloth soaked in dip to carefully wipe around the dog’s eyes and ears. The dog should be dipped three times a week for two to three weeks.

Nu-Stock Ointment

Purchase Nu-Stock from the manufacturer’s website or at select pet and farm supply stores. It can be used for a wide array of animal skin disorders, including demodectic mange. The product is made of natural ingredients and contains pine oil, mineral oil and sulfur. Apply the ointment once every three days to the affected areas, until the mange clears. In 2010, the price of two 12 oz. tubes was $28.50, which is a fraction of most veterinary costs to cure this type of mange.

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Neem Oil

Neem oil is a natural oil from the leaves of the neem tree. The tree is native to India and the leaves, bark, and oil have many wonderful properties. It is used as a natural anti-inflammatory, an insecticide to treat mites, lice, and scabies, and to treat mange. Neem oil is very powerful and can be toxic. For treatment of mange, the neem oil should be diluted one part oil to two parts olive oil or almond oil, and then sprayed directly onto the affected areas. The oil can be left on the skin for several hours before rinsing off to prevent irritating the dog’s skin. Neem oil can be found at health food supply stores. In 2010, a 2 oz. bottle of natural neem oil cost an average of $10.

Immunity Boosters

The main cause of demodectic mange is a poor or failing immune system. Poor immune systems can be a hereditary trait, making any of the dog’s offspring prone to getting the condition. Boost the dog’s immunity and help him heal faster by making sure his diet is high in nutritional content, or by switching him to a raw food diet for dogs. Pet owners can also give vitamin supplements that will help the immune system fight off infections and parasites. Your local pet supply store or retailer will carry a number of vitamin and mineral supplements that are beneficial to your pet. By changing the dog’s diet and adding supplements, he will feel better and heal from the skin disorder faster than if no changes had been made at all.

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