Home Remedies For Clogged Sinus And Ears Clogged

Clogged ears can be caused by a variety of things, such as water in the ear canal, excessive wax or congestion caused by illness or allergies. It often leaves sufferers with a muffled sound in one or both ears, dizziness, and sometimes the ear becomes painful. Before rushing off the doctor to get rid of the discomfort, try one of several home remedies that have proven useful for many.

Wax Remover

Find wax removing solution at any pharmacy or department store. It comes with a commercial solution and a bulb syringe. Instructions are included, but it generally consists of squirting the solution into the ear, holding it there, and then allowing it to drain.

Air Pressure

Sometimes simple air pressure in the ear canal can get rid of clogging. To try this, close your mouth and hold your nose with your fingers. “Breathe” out through your nose, without allowing any air to actually leave your nostrils. This will cause the air to try and exit through the ear canal. If you hear a popping sound, release the breath and see if your ears are unclogged.


Many swear by using hydrogen peroxide for clogged ears. Pour a capful of peroxide into the ear and then lie on the other side to hold it there. There should be a crackling sound, which could last up to 10 minutes. Use a towel to drain the ear canal. The clog may be gone. If not, wait awhile and try again.


If the clogging is cause by a cold or allergies, taking the same decongestant used for stuffy noses may work on the ears. Follow packaging directions when taking any medication and talk to a doctor or pharmacist if you are already taking other medications.

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Put your index finger or fingers into the affected ear(s). Do not put them farther into your ear than the opening. Doing so could result in injury. Keeping both fingers straight, pull them upward and toward the back of your head. Keep them in this position for as long as possible and then release. This allows any congestion to drain downward, thus unclogging the ear.