Home Remedies For Anxiety Relief

Anxiety disorder is characterized by excessive worry in everyday life. People who suffer from anxiety may experience constant worry, stress and even fear over health, money, work, family or other issues, and they often expect the worst in most situations. This anxiety usually interferes with their everyday life. The following simple home remedies can help ease anxiety symptoms over time.


One easy remedy for anxiety disorder is to share your feelings and fears. Talking with a trusted, understanding family member or friend provides an emotional release, according to 2HomeRemedies.com.

Stay healthy

Foods high in calcium, such as dairy products, and protein, like lean meats, can help calm anxiety. Avoid spicy foods, which can escalate anxiety.

Exercising regularly will also help. HomeRemediesWeb.com suggests a calming exercise like yoga or even breathing exercises.

Getting enough sleep will also ease anxiety symptoms.


Doing an activity like reading, watching television, or talking with friends (about an unrelated, stress-free topic) will take your mind off the issue that is causing your anxiety. Focusing on a specific task or just counting numbers in your head can also work.

Herbs/natural cures

Drinking chamomile tea can calm your anxiety as well, according to HomeRemediesWeb.com. Some people also take kava, a plant with a sedative effect. Kava can be consumed in tea or in a capsule, but you should consult a doctor before taking it.

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