Home Remedies For A Toothache & Swollen Gums

Bacteria is the culprit for most toothaches and swollen gums. Poor oral hygiene with excessive sugar intake causes the growth of bacteria resulting in inflammation of the gums and teeth. The interaction of the bacteria and sugar forms acid that can result in toothaches and swollen gums. There are many popular home remedies that have been found effective for these symptoms and offer a low-cost alternative to store-bought medications..

Kitchen Remedies

Natural remedies have proven effective in easing the pain of toothaches and swollen gums. Home remedies are often herbal and, as natural treatments, lack the side effects that can be common with drugs.

A traditional and time-tested treatment for a toothache involves the use of cloves. The clove has numbing and antiseptic properties that decrease infection. Chewing on a clove or applying clove oil to the tooth cavity may help dull the pain. You can also mix a bit of black pepper with the clove oil for another pain-reducing concoction.

Paste made from bayberry and mixed with vinegar is considered to be helpful in treating pain from a toothache. Additionally, using the paste weekly can strengthen gums.

Another of nature’s pain remedies is garlic. Dip a clove of garlic in rock salt and apply to the tooth that is aching for surprising pain relief. Moreover, it has been said that a clove of garlic a day will keep the tooth pain away.

Another common food used to reduce toothache pain is a lime. Dip a slice of lime in salt and swab the tooth to get relief. Lime coated with salt is also helpful in stopping gum bleeding.

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For swollen gums, make a paste by mixing salt with ginger and a bit of water. Rub this on the gums daily to reduce swelling.

Forest and Garden Antidotes

You can boil the bark from an arabica tree in water, reducing the liquid to half. Cool the liquid and gargle to reduce gum swelling and pain.

A concoction can be made of essence of rose flower (50 grams) combined with juice from half a lemon. Stir thoroughly and place the mixture in your mouth holding it as long as possible on the irritated area. Repeat several times a day to relieve pain and swelling.

In India, the resin of asafetida, an extremely pungent plant, is used to relieve toothaches. Mixing heated asafetida resin with lemon juice and applying to the affected tooth is said to give quick relief from toothache pain.

The essential oil of the tea tree provides quick relief from tooth and gum pain. It has an added benefit as a potent antibacterial substance. Rub the oil, preferably organic, directly on the affected area to ease tooth discomfort. Tea tree oil also assists in reducing swelling and pain in gums.


Practicing good oral hygiene is crucial in preventing problems with teeth and gums. Brush, floss, and rinse following every meal and particularly after eating any sugary food. Brush in a circular motion, with a toothbrush that is soft to firm, covering all surfaces of the teeth.


Be sure you are not allergic to any herbs or remedies prior to usage. If pain or swelling worsens or is prolonged, seek professional help.

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