Home Cures For Puppies With Worms

Puppies often suffer from worms.

Most puppies suffer from worms at some point in their young lives. Many will accidentally contract them while playing outside and others will become infested from suckling on their mother who may harbor worms. Determination of worms will be made by a veterinarian utilizing a fecal sample. Puppies with heavy infestations will require medical treatment to rid them of the worms initially. Once control is gained, the owner can pursue natural worm remedies and at home cures for lighter worm infestations.


Worms weaken and rob a puppy of valuable nutrients, minerals and vitamins. During natural treatment, it is important to feed the puppy a well-balanced diet that is high in both protein and fats. By using the puppy’s own health and immunity, the worms can often be controlled and eradicated.

At least 40 percent of the puppy’s diet needs to come from meat or eggs, according to Natural Dog Health Remedies. Adding a tablespoon of olive oil to your dog’s food daily helps provide much needed fat. Your dog will require the addition of raw liver to its diet to raise its iron content because worms suck your puppy’s blood, causing your dog to become anemic. Adding probiotics and digestive enzymes, which can be purchased at a veterinarian or pet food store, to the dog’s diet is also beneficial.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is comprised of fine fossilized particles of prehistoric plankton that have been broken down into the soil. The ingestion of diatomaceous earth by dogs and other mammals pose no danger, but the soil substance cuts easily through the skin of intestinal worms upon digestion. The worms will die inside of the puppy within hours and then be eliminated naturally by the body through defecation.

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Use natural, unrefined diatomaceous earth for best results. The substance is available at health food stores, nature supply stores and online. Sprinkle one teaspoon over your puppy’s food at each feeding for best results.


Adding roughage, such as oat bran, to your puppy’s diet will increase bulk in the feces. The bulk will help to dislodge and carry worms out of the dog’s system. Any roughage, such as grated turnips or carrots, can prove successful. Carrot oil also works to help kill the worms within the intestinal tract of your puppy. When using oat bran, sprinkle at least 2 teaspoons over your dog’s food at each meal.

The addition of roughage is also beneficial to keeping your puppy regular and helping with any stomach upset that it may be suffering from due to the worm infestation.

Cloves, Fennel, Pumpkin Seeds and Garlic

Cloves have been used for centuries to treat worm infestations, according to Natural Wonder Pets. Mixing cloves with garlic and fennel in your puppy‘s diet helps to successfully expel the worms through your dog’s feces.

Chop a clove of garlic finely and mix it with chopped cloves and a teaspoon of fennel. Sprinkle the substance on your puppy’s food daily to treat and prevent worms.

Grinding up white pumpkin seeds and adding them to your puppy’s diet helps to kill the worms. A teaspoon daily is all that is required. Pumpkin seeds work well to rid the body of both regular worms and tapeworms, according to Daily Puppy.