Holistic Treatment Options For Canine Pneumonia

Canine pneumonia is an affliction that infects and inflames the lungs and bronchi. These are the tubes which transports air into the lungs. The causes for the infection can vary. Generally, it is found in dogs less than one year of age, but older canines are also susceptible to the disease. Also called dog pneumonia, this disease is a secondary effect from kennel cough. Hounds, sporting dogs and mixed breeds exceeding 25 pounds in weight are also prone to the illness. If left untreated, the sickness can be fatal.


The disease can be brought on by bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites. Bacterial pneumonia is a byproduct of kennel cough or a problem with the dog’s esophagus. Viral infections typically occur due to a respiratory infection or canine distemper. Fungi, such as Cryptococcus neoformans or Coccidioidomycosis immitis, are also causes of canine pneumonia. Various worms like lungworms or heartworms can be the cause of parasitic pneumonia in your dog as well.

Some other causes that can lead to dog pneumonia are: Allergic reaction to an irritant, such as cigarette smoke; system failure due to the malfunction of the heart and liquid getting into the dog’s lungs.

Coughing is the primary symptom of the disease. Some other signs you should watch out for are: Sneezing, listlessness, lethargic, difficulty breathing, shortness of breathe and loss of appetite.

Natural Treatments

The life-threatening potential of canine pneumonia makes it essential to identify and treat the disease in its early stage. Traditional treatments for this condition are typically chemical-based. The side effects could exacerbate the pneumonia or even lead to other health issues. If your dog is not active and won’t eat, you should immediately take your pet to a vet. However, if your dog has a healthy appetite and is active, listed below are some holistic treatment options that will mitigate many of the symptoms and help your dog feel better.

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Kalium Sulphate C6 has been used for many years as a natural antibiotic for treating infections. It works to transport oxygen throughout the dog’s body. Kalium Sulphate also strengthens cell membranes.

Ferrum Phoshate C6 is a bio-chemical salt that is used for inflammation as well as infections. It works by distributing iron and oxygen. It is an effective natural remedy for fighting infections and improves cell strength. When used in combination with Ferrum Phosphate C6, it can treat the initial, as well as the secondary and third stages of infection.

Echinacea purpurea and Plantago lanceoleta have solid reputations as natural treatments for comforting the throat, loosening mucus, reducing fluid discharge and strengthening the immune system.


As with all natural remedies, you should not administer these treatments mentioned above to your dog without consulting with a vet.