Holistic Cures For Parkinson’S

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder of the brain. Over time, the subject loses control of their body, and twitches and moves without stopping. While brain surgery and some drugs can relieve some of the symptoms, other people prefer to try holistic cures for Parkinson’s, as they are less invasive and toxic. There’s everything from herbal treatments to aromatherapy to simple massage available.

Herbal Treatments

Some effective herbal remedies for Parkinson’s include larkspur, lady’s slipper and skullcap. Dissolve 20 g of larkspur in four cups of boiling hot water, and do not consume more than three cups every day. Lady’s slipper helps to ease tremors and shaking; take 3 to 9 g, or take 10 to 30 drops in tincture form three to four times each day. Add skullcap to lady’ slipper to broaden its effectiveness, and the dosage is the same as the lady’s slipper.

Combine peony, rhubarb, magnolia bark and licorice to create a blending that relaxes the muscles and eases the body tremors. In the case of this mixture, check with an herbalist to determine the correct dosage. Another of the holistic cures for Parkinson’s is a tea made up of horsetail, ginseng, hops, passion flower, skullcap, and valerian root. One teaspoon of the mixture put in one cup of boiling water yields a tea you drink three cups of each day. You can find these herbs online or in your local natural health store.


Essential oils are at the center of aromatherapy. These oils may help to relax the muscles, diminish inflammation, improve sleep, decrease stress, balance hormones, improve digestion, and strengthen the immune system. The main purpose of aromatherapy is to lessen discomforts associated with major health conditions, not necessarily used as a “cure” for disease. These oils can be purchased online, in natural health stores, or visit a naturopathic doctor or holistic practitioner in your area.

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According to the web site parkinsons.org.nz, there are a number of holistic cures for Parkinson’s that are beneficial alternative treatments. While there is not yet any studies supporting the use of massaging essential oils into your skin, adding them to your bath, or just inhaling them over the course of the day, a survey conducted in the United Kingdom found that over 80 percent of Parkinson’s patients reported achieving some relief by using it. Side effects may occur if the essential oils are not used properly. Be sure to carefully dilute the essential oils to avoid developing sensitivities. Allergic reaction may occur, so find a small spot on the skin to test it on before use.


Parkinson’s often leads to people having stiff muscles and muscle pains. A simple massage can relax those muscles and reduce stress. Massage may also help to boost the immune system, increase the flexibility of joints, relax tired muscles, and dimish cramping and spasms. What’s more, a survey done in the United Kingdom reported that over 90 percent of patients who tried massage therapy got some benefit from it. Contact your local massage therapist for more information on how massage therapy can help you.

See your Doctor

Speak with your physician before using any natural therapies. Some natural remedies may interact with prescription medications.