High Eye Pressure Natural Home Remedy

High eye pressure or glaucoma can cause discomfort and affect your sight. It is a serious condition that requires medical attention. Quite often surgery is required to ease the pressure on the eye, but this does not cure the underlying cause of glaucoma. Natural remedies can ease the symptoms of glaucoma. But the Mayo Clinic advises consulting your doctor before using any of them.


There are several types of glaucoma, and exercise can help certain forms by relieving the pressure inside the eye. For the two main types of glaucoma, primary open angular glaucoma and angle closure glaucoma, exercise can be beneficial. But vigorous exercise can actually aggravate pigmentary glaucoma, a secondary form of glaucoma brought on by another factor such as diabetes or injury. According to the Mayo Clinic, certain head-down yoga positions should be avoided because of the increased blood flow to the head. There is little evidence to demonstrate the effects of exercise on normal tension glaucoma, a condition where eye pressure is low but the optic nerve still sustains damage. Consult your doctor to develop an exercise regime to help ease the symptoms of your particular type of glaucoma.

Avoid Certain Foods and Beverages

Diet can play a key role in reducing eye pressure and keeping glaucoma under control. Coffee should be avoided because of its caffeine content. Caffeine elevates the blood pressure and thus increases the pressure on the eye. Alcohol should be avoided because it constricts blood vessels and disrupts the flow of blood. This can make it difficult for the body to drain fluid from the eyes. Liquids in general need to be consumed in small amounts throughout the day. Drinking too much liquid too quickly can cause pressure build-up within the eye.

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Vitamin C

Studies in Rome under Dr. Michele Virno indicated that vitamin C can be beneficial in the treatment of glaucoma. The studies concluded that the average 150 pound person who was given 7,000 mg of vitamin C per day achieved normal intraocular pressure within 45 days. These are large doses. Some mild stomach discomfort did occur but soon dissipated.

Avoid Stress

Keeping stress levels low can help reduce the pressure build-up in the eyes. Those with glaucoma should avoid straining their eyes by reading too much or watching too much television.