Herbs For Clogged Arteries

Herbs for Clogged Arteries

Heart disease is one of the world’s major causes of death. It often begins with clogged arteries that put too much pressure on the heart and can cause a host of problems. While any attempt to relieve clogged arteries should begin with an exercise routine and a specific diet plan, there are several herbs that can help to improve your arteries as well. Consult your physician before adding new supplements to your diet.

Take Herbs

Various herbs can help to strengthen the arteries and reduce blockages that can cause heart problems. Take any of the following remedies as a tea three times a day by using 1 tsp. of the herb in 1 cup of boiling water, letting it steep, and then straining out the herbs.

Herbs for Arteries

Using the herbs horsetail and alfalfa leaf will help to strengthen the arteries and improve their elasticity leading to fewer blockages. Cayenne pepper and its active ingredient capsicum can lower cholesterol and decrease the chance that platelets will stick together in blockages. Other herbs that reduce a build-up of excess cholesterol are garlic, Siberian ginseng, and hawthorn leaves. Try these herbal teas for about a month to see if there has been any change in your cholesterol level and blood pressure level. Feel free to mix several of these herbs together into one tea to keep you from having to drink more then 10 cups of tea per day.


Aurum is a homeopathic remedy used to treat clogged arteries, hypertension and a weak heart. You should use Aurum if you feel the symptoms of blood rushing to the head, memory loss and heart palpitations. Plumbum is also used for clogged arteries. It is often recommended when there is difficulty in breathing, shooting pains, abdominal cramps, constipation and depression. Try each remedy at 6x potency for one to two months–where x is equal to 10 times the standard homeopathic potency– and then gradually increasing your dose to a potency of 12x. It is recommended that you use homeopathic remedies while using other herbal treatments.

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A mixture of the essential oils of ginger, juniper, and rosemary can be helpful for improving your clogged arteries. Mix one drop of each in some olive oil and rub it on the chest and back area or burn the oil to promote the aroma throughout your house.

Improving Circulation

An improvement in your blood circulation may help to remove some of the accumulated plaque in your arteries. Hawthorn berries can be taken to help fortify the heart and regulate blood pressure. Try it in tincture form with 40 drops three times a day. Forty drops of a tincture of bilberries three times a day can be also be taken to improve the circulation in the small veins and capillaries. Steep some rosemary leaves in aged red wine to combine the properties of rosemary with the polyphenols of wine to stimulate circulation and normalize blood pressure. Ginkgo biloba can also be used to generally improve your circulation when taken in 120mg to 160mg doses twice a day. Try these herbs along with your homeopathic remedies and note any improvements in the health of your heart and blood pressure.