Herbal Treatment For Adult Add Symptoms

ADD was once considered a disorder that only affected children, but new studies show that adults suffer from ADD as well. The symptoms, including fidgeting and restlessness, are mild to severe. Adults who suffer from ADD were probably misdiagnosed as children. ADD does not just develop overnight, nor does it disappear when a person reaches adulthood. Although behaviors and habits can be learned as a person gets older, the symptoms, impulses and distractions are always there. Certain herbal remedies can help alleviate the symptoms of ADD in adults.


Herbal remedies should be treated with the same caution as other medications. Never administer an herbal supplement to an individual without first consulting a physician. The use of natural herbs can interact with over-the-counter or prescription medications with serious or even fatal consequences. As with any medical regimen, ask a doctor for specific advice regarding the use of herbal supplements.


Nettles are a great source of B complex vitamins. B vitamins improve memory. Irritability, confusion and depression are signs of a vitamin B deficiency. These are common symptoms in people suffering from ADD.


Chickweed is high in iron. People suffering from ADD need iron in the diet to relieve the foggy feeling. A lack of iron also affects the dopamine levels in the brain. Low dopamine levels have been linked to ADD and ADHD.


People with low levels of magnesium are more susceptible to hyperactivity. Anxiety levels are high when magnesium levels are low. Adding chamomile to the diet increases the levels of magnesium in the body.

Red Raspberry Leaves

The leaves of the red raspberry plant contain calcium. Calcium acts as a calming agent. This is beneficial for people suffering from ADD because they are susceptible to anxiety attacks.

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The effects of ginseng on the body are numerous. This herb offers another source of B complex vitamins. It also helps relieve fatigue and stress, two symptoms of ADD.