Herbal Equine Sinus Treatments

An Arabian Horse

Weighing up to 1,200 lbs. and able to reach speeds of 35 mph, horses are powerful animals. Unfortunately, they can prove more delicate than you might imagine. The limits and restrictions we have imposed on them by stalling them and changing their natural lives has made them more prone to illness. One problem common in stalled horses is sinusitis.

Menthol and Eucalyptus

The same treatment that is good for people is also good for horses. Vick’s Vapo-Rub smeared into the horse’s nostrils will help clear his airways and cause congestion to drain. The menthol and eucalyptus ingredients will bring the horse some marked relief within minutes and allow it to breath more easily. It also blocks the sense of smell, so if you have a mare with a foal this is not the best option, as there is a slim chance she may not “recognize” her foal while she is being treated and try to harm it.

Herbal Concentrate

The website Herbal Treatments (see References) lists Robert McDowell’s concoction for horse sinusitis. It is a combination of equisetum, comfrey, fenugreek, echinacaea, euphorbia, yarrow, horse radish, violet leaves, garlic, golden seal and red clover. A six-week treatment will take a 200-ml. bottle, and the dosage is 60 drops twice daily. The various functions of these herbs are to bolster the immune system, clear the airways and encourage circulation.

Equine Allergy Herbal Blend

Another herbal blend of red clover, rosehips, burdock, kelp, nettle, garlic, Oregon grape, flaxseed and fenugreek fed on a daily basis is supposed to help give the immune system a boost, clean the blood of impurities and relieve coughing. This supplement, sold at the website Herbs4horses (see References) is labeled Equine Allergy Herbal Blend. As in most herbal remedies, the goal is aimed towards improving the immune system and treating the symptoms of the infection, rather than actually attacking the infection itself. This is an important difference between herbal remedies and antibiotic treatments.

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