Herbal Cures For Low Sex Drive

A healthy sex life is important in any relationship. Unfortunately there are many people whose partners are unhappy with the lack of sex in their relationship. There can be many factors that can cause someone to have a low sex drive. Fortunately, this has been an issue in relationships for centuries. Ancient medicine relied on herbs, and today, those who would rather not use medications with harsh side effects can enjoy an increased sex drive by utilizing the power of herbs.

For Men

Licorice assists in producing hormones in the body that make obtaining an erection easier. Men who have a low sex drive due to a lack of energy can take kola nut. Kola nut decreases fatigue and allows the body to naturally energize itself. As far back as 200 BCE, the Chinese have used horny goat weed to increase libido, as suggestive as the name sounds. Horny goat weed aids in producing sperm and increasing sexual desire. Saw palmetto promotes healthy hormone balance in the prostate gland, which ultimately leads to heightened sexual function. Finally, Siberian ginseng is great at getting the body in a natural balanced state. It also assists in regulating the hypothalamus to ensure proper hormone release, which is closely connected with sexual function.

For Women

Ginkgo biloba is thought to assist in all aspects of sexual satisfaction in women, before, during and after sex. Muira puama is an ancient Brazilian herb that increases libido and enhances sexual satisfaction. Anise contains an ingredient similar to estrogen and heightens sexual desire. Anise will also assist in increasing milk secretion for breast-feeding. Finally, Chinese angelica is a Chinese herb also known as dang-quai. It has the same effect that ginseng will have on a man. Ancient tradition suggests you add three to six teaspoons of the herb to a pint of boiling water and drink up to three cups per day.

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Other suggestions

For any herbal regimen, seek the guidance of a naturopathic doctor to give you the proper assistance. Also, diet plays a huge role in increasing your libido. Try to integrate more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet if you are not already. Sometimes the body has a buildup of toxins from processed foods, inhibiting the necessary hormones or blood flow for sexual activity. Finally drinking plenty of water can also aid in keeping the body flushed and cleansed, which will also increase your sex drive.