Help Pregnant Women Dilate

Help Pregnant Women Dilate

When you are pregnant and overdue, you feel as if you have been pregnant forever. If you are hesitant about artificial induction to get the labor process started, consider the natural methods outlined in this article.


1. Ask someone to massage your ankles gently. This area contains acupressure points that can stimulate the uterus to contract and begin the process of labor.

2. Go for a leisurely walk. In addition to assisting the baby with moving into the correct position, walking (or swinging on a playground swing) uses the force of gravity to help nature take its course.

3. Apply evening primrose oil directly to the cervix. This homeopathic remedy has been around for a very long time. Evening primrose oil contains substances that can stimulate labor during an overdue pregnancy. Some certified midwives swear by it.

4. Ask your partner to massage your nipples. Many couples have used this technique successfully. This stimulation releases a hormone (oxytocin) that is necessary for the childbirth process to initiate.

5. Try making love! This is another favorite among couples who are overdue. After the baby is full-term, gentle lovemaking can encourage the baby’s arrival. This is because the mother’s body will produce oxytocin and the father’s body will produce prostaglandins. Both hormones are labor inducers once the baby is fully developed and ready to be born.

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