Help A Teething Baby Or Toddler

Help a Teething Baby or Toddler

Teething babies and toddlers can get really miserable, but there are a few simple things you can do to help relieve their pain and sadness.


1. Watch for telltale signs of teething such as bright red cheeks, low fever, unusual irritability, and changes in nursing, feeding or sleeping patterns. Also look for inflamed gums, a mild rash around the mouth or an unexpected diaper rash.

2. Cuddle or nurse your baby even more than usual ‘ she may be looking for extra comfort.

3. Massage her gums with your fingertip, if she lets you ‘ many babies enjoy this, and it helps to ease the pain.

4. Dampen some washcloths and freeze them, then offer them to your child to chew on.

5. Get some teething toys that you can store in the fridge or freezer.

6. Provide cool, icy drinks to soothe your child‘s gums, if she is old enough for drinks other than breast milk or formula.

7. Offer your child cool, smooth and comforting foods such as applesauce or yogurt, if she is old enough to eat them.

8. Clean the area around your child‘s mouth with a tissue or warm washcloth if she is drooling a lot; this will help prevent the “drool rash” that often accompanies teething.

9. Get some homeopathic teething tablets or liquid; many families find that these preparations help ease their children’s discomfort. Or, find some topical teething gel ‘ this numbs the gums and tongue, so it should be used sparingly. You may also be able to get a natural version made with clove oil.

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10. Offer children’s acetaminophen or another pain reliever approved by your doctor or pharmacist if your child is in severe pain.