Heel Spur Pain Relief

Heel spurs cause enormous discomfort when walking or running.

Heel spurs are extremely painful and are caused by inflammations and calcium deposits in the plantar fascia–the long area of tissue that runs between your heel and your toes. Many people refer to the discomfort of the condition of plantar fascilits as “heel spurs.” Here are a few tricks to help you relieve your foot pain.

Athletic Tape

You can relieve the pressure on the band of tissue that runs between your heel and your toes by wrapping your arch with athletic tape. Start from the area just below your heel, and wrap the tape around your arch as far up as just below the ball of your foot. This will provide support for the fascia area and relieve the stress on the tissue, making your foot feel better while walking or running.


Use a thick gel heel pad inside your shoe to cushion the heel while you are walking or running. You may need to add an arch support and toe pads, as well, depending on the severity of your condition. Make sure your shoes are not worn flat at the heel, as the constant pounding on the affected foot will make your condition worse. Wear thick socks if you plan to be walking or running for any distance. You can also purchase poron foam shoe inserts that will add support and help cushion your foot.


It is important to keep off your feet as much as possible when you are suffering from heel spurs. If you can, put your feet up several times a day to give the tissue a chance to relax and replenish the blood supply in your feet. This will decrease your inflammation and will help to reduce your discomfort as you heal.

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Ice and Heat

Alternate ice and heat therapy on your heel spurs by applying cool compresses every morning to reduce and inhibit swelling, and applying warm compresses in the evening to rejuvenate the blood supply after you have been on your feet all day. If you have the opportunity during the day, use ice packs and heat compresses to manage your discomfort and stimulate healing in your foot tissue.