Heal Your Thyroid

Heal Your Thyroid

If you have a thyroid disease or disorder, such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Graves disease or Hashimoto’s, then here are some of the ways that you can help heal your thyroid gland.


1. If you are like me, you struggle with a problematic thyroid. I hope you can benefit from the extensive research I have done to find a way to heal the thyroid gland naturally. Please take note that I am not a medical or naturopathic doctor, nor am I prescribing any of these treatments to anyone. I am simply informing the readers of the research I have found.

2. The first item that I have found that has been known to cause a thyroid disease to go into remission is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. You can find this at any health foods store or natural foods market. Make sure you buy the un-hydrogenated kind. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has been known to support and bring health to the thyroid gland, both for under and over active thyroid patients. You can spread it on toast or a rice cake just like butter, and it has a wonderful coconutty flavor.

3. The next product I have found that has been known to heal thyroid is Fulvic Acid. (not to be confused with Folic Acid). Fulvic Acid can be found in tincture form and is the most immune boosting compound known. You can put it into tea or juice, and it is tasteless and easy to use. Fulvic Acid has been known to heal the thyroid gland and to shrink and even eliminate thyroid nodules.

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4. Finally, I have heard great things about Kombucha Tea, especially for people, like myself, that suffer from an autoimmune type of thyroid disease. Particularly good for Hashimoto’s patients, Kombucha Tea has been known to increase health and wellness and balance the thyroid.