Heal Peroneal Tendonitis At Home

Peroneal tendonitis is inflammation of the peroneal tendons, which connect the lower outside calf muscles to the outside of the foot. The problem tends to come up in racket sports, basketball, skiing and running on uneven surfaces. In other words, lateral stress can trigger it. Usually, treatment can be completed without seeing a doctor. Unfortunately, inflammation can take weeks or months to go away. Tendons are slow healers, and many athletes return to working out too soon or too suddenly without supervision to temper their workload. Rest and stretching are the main strategies to healing the tendon.


1. Reduce your training load drastically for a few weeks. If the pain continues, reduce the load more.

2. Stretch your calf muscles gently on a regular basis. Stretch alternately with a bent knee and a straight knee. Stretch the foot by holding it in different lateral positions. Make sure to stretch it slowly and hold it for at least half a minute.

3. Ice the outside foot and ankle for 20 minutes at a time. Don’t apply the ice directly to the skin. Wrap it in a damp towel.

4. Elevate your foot when you can.

5. Take an anti-inflammatory three times a day.

6. Check your shoes for lateral movement in the heel. If you’re not getting enough ankle support, you may need new shoes.

7. Return to exercise and activity after the pain is gone, but do so slowly. During the return is when the tendon will be especially susceptible to further damage.

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