Heal Internal Scar Tissue

Serious injury to the body and surgery can leave people with internal scars. These scars can affect other parts of the body and can re-open. Pregnant women have been known to hemorrhage from their c-section scar on their uterus from a previous delivery. Having scars open up can be deadly. People can heal their internal scars with a number of things. The healing process may take awhile, but it’s worth it in the long run.


1. Take Serrapeptase enzyme to dissolve the internal scar, which is dead tissue. This enzyme has been used and studied for over 25 years, and it has no harmful side effects. After the dead tissue dissolves, it’s replaced with new tissue in your body. Serrapeptase is safe for children to use and can be taken with medication.

2. Take 800 IU of vitamin E twice a day. Vitamin E helps wounds heal and helps soften scars. Take vitamin E with food, because it helps your body better absorb the vitamin.

3. Take 1,000 mg of vitamin C once a day. Vitamin C helps in the healing process of connective tissue. It also helps the body replace scars with healthier collagen.

4. Schedule an appointment to have a Chi Nei Tsang massage. These massages help internal healing take place and get rid of negative energy in a person’s body. This energy helps people be aware of where pain is in their body and what parts of their body blocks them from feeling pain. Massage helps relieve stress and harmful toxins from the body, as well.

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