Heal Heel Spurs

heel spurs

Heel spurs are painful and affect your quality of life. You may be young but limp around like someone three times your age. My husband had a heel spur and almost went in for surgery. Then we learned these tips from our chiropractor and healed his heal spurs. Later, I started to develop heel spurs and healed them quickly by following this advice.


1. Put a wash cloth or hand towel on the floor. Place your bare foot on the floor with your toes on top of the bottom edge of the towel.

2. Use your toes to grab the towel and bunch it up under your foot. Continue this until the entire towel is behind your foot. Repeat if you can. This will exercise your arch. You may be confused why you are working on your arch when the problem is heel spurs. But heel spurs are a result of plantar fasciitis. If you cure the arch, you cure the heel spurs!

3. This exercise will make your foot sore and tired. Relieve the pain and speed the healing by putting the wash cloth or towel on top of a frozen water bottle and rolling the frozen bottle along the arch of your foot as an ice pack.

4. Place quality arch supports, also known as orthotics, in all of your shoes. This is a key step. You may even want to put arch supports in a pair of slippers and keep them next to the bed. Heel spurs feel the worst in the morning when you take your first steps out of bed. Arch supports in the slippers can help. It is also helpful to stretch your calf while you are in bed before you take those first steps.

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