Handle A Cat’S Heat

About the time your precious kitten turns 6 months old, something horrible happens to her. She becomes a cat! As your cat approaches her first heat, there will be a few minor warning signs. She will become more vocal, and then she will become more affectionate. Then, probably while you are trying to sleep, nature will take its course, and your cat will be ready to breed. She’ll tell you with a loud and obnoxious meow that sounds a lot like “Noooooooooooow!”


1. Remember that your cat is just as confused by this as you are. Last night, she was a playful kitten, and tonight she wants something but can’t quite make you humans understand and get it for her. So she keeps trying to tell you again and again. And again. Though it is technically possible for a cat to remain in heat until she breeds, most cats stay in heat about for about 6 days. This is a good time for a vacation.

2. Rub her tummy. Think menstrual cramps, and then you will understand why rubbing her tummy will hush your kitten for a little while. She will also need the reassurance that you still love her, since you are clearly doing nothing to relieve her distress.

3. Place warm and slightly damp towels in areas where she likes to sleep. These will need to be washed frequently since the odor can be overwhelming, but this will act as a sort of heating pad for your kitty. They also allow her to use a warm towel to clean herself off and get some relief.

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4. Lock the doors and windows. As much as you love your new kitten, you don’t want more of her. Though breeding will end the heat cycle, the result is more kittens. Stop the cycle by keeping the cat indoors and away from other cats while she is in heat. Then have her spayed as soon as possible.

5. Consider more drastic measures. One cat care book suggests that gently using a cotton swab to apply petroleum jelly to the affected area will offer your kitten some relief. But if you are willing to go to this extreme to help your cat, you are braver than I am.

6. Change her litter often. Again, this is a scent issue. The cat’s pheromones are highest when she is in heat, and the overwhelming scent of kitty can quickly take over while she is in heat. Changing the litter and laundering anything she sleeps on will help keep the smell bearable.

7. Enjoy the affection of your kitten. Most cats long to be touched, petted and held while they are in heat. Given the aloof nature of some cats, this may be the perfect opportunity to bond well with your cat.