Grow Taller With Release Growth Hormones

Human growth hormone treatment is the most successful with children.

The human growth hormone has been used for treating growth deficiency for more than 50 years and today is also used to prevent AIDS patients from losing muscle mass as the disease progresses. Bodybuilders and athletes use the hormone to increase their performance and it has been advertised as an anti-aging hormone, although these effects have not been scientifically confirmed. In the past, the hormone was produced from human brain tissue, but today scientists can create it synthetically.


1. Consider your age. The growth hormone treatment has successful results only while the growth glands in the body are open. These glands usually close around the age of 15, although this differs from person to person. However, growth hormone treatment is usually only practiced on children, as best results are achieved on the very young.

2. Go for the injections. This is the most common way of receiving growth hormone treatment. The injections are taken daily or several times in a week. Depending on the doctor’s instructions, you may be required to go to the hospital for treatments, or you are shown inject yourself.

3. Watch out for false advertisements for pills and sprays that claim to contain the human growth hormone. This is not possible. The human growth hormone can only be administered into the body by injection, as the molecules of the hormone are too big to insert in any other way.

4. Try the homeopathic approach. Scientists believe that there are specific herbs and plants that encourage the glands to produce more human growth hormones and help people grow taller. The HGH for Height website lists the royal jelly, bee pollen, bee propolis and alfalfa plants as natural agents that affect growth.

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