Get Rid Of Weeds With Natural Cures

Get Rid of Weeds

A field of dandelions can be quite beautiful, but when those darn things show up in your yard, they make you cringe.

So what can you do? You can get ride of weeds with natural cures.

Things around your house and you won’t believe how easy this is… Does this Spark an idea?


1. This first trick to get rid of weeds is Vinegar…

Vinegar – Dishwashing liquid (optional) – spray bottle

You can put undiluted vinegar in the spray bottle alone or you can mix 3 parts (cups) of vinegar and 1 part (cup) dishwashing liquid.

Spray the weed with a narrow stream. Make sure you soak the leaves and the base of the plant.

Be careful not to get this mixture on any of your plants. If you carry a newspaper, you can block the spray from getting on your plants if the weeds are near them.

Don’t go to crazy with the vinegar. You want to kill the weed, but you don’t want to spray so much that nothing will grow in that area again…like grass…

2. Another trick:

5 Tablespoons natural liquid soap

1 quart of water

spray bottle

Mix soap and water and pour into the spray bottle. During the hottest time of the day, you will want to spray the leaves and base of the plants.

This should only take about 24 hours to burn up the weed.

3. If you don’t have many weeds, you can try this:

Boiling water – boil the water and either pour it into something that will pour easily (tea pitcher, large measuring cup, etc)…you want to pour the boiling water slowly on the weed. Make sure you get the weed and the ground directly around the weed.

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4. Do you have poison ivy? Try this little potion…

1 quart water

5 Tablespoons rubbing alcohol

spray bottle

Mix water and rubbing alcohol, pour into a spray bottle and spray the poison ivy leaves.

Be careful not to get any of this spray on any other plants.

5. Do you have Creeping Charlie? Try this:

5 teaspoons 20 Mule Team Borax

1 Quart water

spray bottle

Make sure you use the exact amounts for this potion. If you use too much Borax you could kill your grass and not enough Borax won’t do anything.

Mix the borax and the water together and spray. This should make enough borax solution to cover a 25-square foot area.

6. And if you have a little time and aren’t in too big a rush, you can use Coca Cola to kill the weeds in the cracks of sidewalks, etc.

Pour a whole can right in the center of the weed on a very hot day. This treatment might take up to a week to kill the weed.