Get Rid Of Gall Stones With A Home Remedy

Nearly everyone has gallstones, though most of us never know it. Smaller stones pass painlessly through the small intestine or stay happily in the gallbladder. However, when gallstones become too plentiful, they can cause a condition known as biliary colic, in which the gallbladder becomes sluggish and infected. Gallstones can also get stuck in a bile duct, causing excruciating pain and infection, usually requiring surgical removal of the gallbladder. Certain foods can help keep your gallbladder healthy, and there are also many different cleanses you can try to rid your body of gallstones that may have already formed.


Get Rid of Gall Stones with a Home Remedy

1. Begin a modified fast upon rising. Drink only filtered water and herbal tea (chamomile is a good choice for its relaxation-promoting properties).

2. Eat at least five green apples throughout the day, when hungry. You may substitute red apples if green ones are too sour, but green apples contain more pectin, which can help soften gallstones and make them pass more easily.

3. Mix slightly warmed (body temperature is good) olive oil with lemon juice and sip slowly over the span of an hour, before bed.

4. Sleep on your right side with your right leg drawn up towards your chest. You should pass stones in your stool in the morning, although you may be awakened in the middle of the night with the urge to move your bowels. If the cleanse has been successful, you should notice yellow globules in your stool.

5. Consider a slower cleanse by cutting out foods high in fat, eggs, meats and dairy products for three weeks. During that time, eat one or two radishes a day, between meals, and drink five cups of chamomile tea per day. Add five teaspoons of flaxseed oil to your food during the day at least six days a week. This regimen will slowly rid your body of gallstones.

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