Get Rid Of A Sinus Cold With Home Remedies

There is no denying the onset of a cold; your body becomes achy and your nose runs. Then the sneezing and/or coughing starts. When you get to the point where your sinuses are blocked and mucus starts to form in your throat, you know it’s time for a remedy. There are a few items that you probably have sitting in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets at home that can help you get over your sinus cold quickly.


1. Take three vitamin C capsules (not the solid pills—make sure you are taking the capsules that can be pulled apart and are filled with powder, as they absorb into your system more quickly) in the morning, and three before you go to bed. Vitamin C is your best ally when fighting a bad sinus cold. Also take one or two multivitamin capsules with your vitamin Cs to help build up your immune system.

2. Make a large batch of hot tea with lemon and honey (for sweetness instead of sugar). The vitamin C in the lemon in the hot mixture attacks the cold virus. If possible, drink green tea, but regular tea will work fine as well. Drink at least three mugs of hot tea per day to help get rid of the sinus cold quickly.

3. Suck on zinc lozenges at every opportunity throughout your day. Zinc lozenges have been proven in studies to reduce the length of a cold when taken regularly (see link below in “Resources”). They are similar to cough drops, only rich with zinc gluconate. You can find zinc lozenges at your local pharmacy or large retail store.

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4. Eat chicken soup. While there is no specific evidence showing that chicken soup helps a cold, there may be some type of placebo effect in play. Also, the warming liquid of the soup will help to relieve your sinus cold symptoms, including scratchy throat.

5. Take a long hot shower and allow the water to run over your face to loosen any mucus that has formed in your nasal and throat passages.