Get An Alternative Healing Certificate Online

Getting an alternative healing certificate on-line is not as difficult as you may think.

Today, on-line schools are a widely accepted way to earn your degree at your own pace. There are many accredited programs available that will allow you to practice alternative healing or holistic medicine upon completion. These programs offer instruction in a wide variety of areas, including acupressure, yoga and traditional Chinese medicine. Many on-line courses offer the opportunity for you to keep up with the proper certifications needed to work in an alternative healing profession.


1. Consider the type of job you intend to get after you have completed your school. Make phone calls to potential employers, and ask them what certifications are required for you to apply for one of their jobs. Research schools offering alternative healing certification programs on-line. Look for programs in your specific area of interest, before fully investigating the school. Establish a list of potential schools where you can receive your certification

2. Determine which schools, if any, are fully accredited. Check with the U.S. Department of Education Database to find out if the schools are accredited, by searching for each school by name. Determine if the schools also offer continuing education credits, which may be necessary for you to work in your chosen field.

3. Look into tuition costs and whether or not the school offers financial aid. For example, schools like Clayton College of Natural Health offer certificates and Bachelor degree programs, as well as continuing education credits, financing options—including student loans and payment plans. The University of Natural Medicine offers a wide range of courses and degrees, not just in alternative medicine. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the school is accredited and licensed by the state of New Mexico and offers reasonable rates.

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