Gallbladder Homeopathic Remedies

Your gallbladder works as a storage closet for bile produced by the liver. Gallstones are deposits of hard substances, most likely digestive fluids that build up in your gallbladder. Most people with gallstones are not aware of it. When a gallstone moves into the duct, or open area where bile flows in and out, it can become stuck there. The result is intense abdominal pain, fever, back and shoulder pain. If you find yourself with symptoms of gallstones, homeopathic treatments might work for you.

Herbal Supplements

Calcarea carbonica, available in pellet form, is a homeopathic treatment recommended if you have stomach and back pain. The dosage is five pellets dissolved in your mouth, three times a day. Other uses for this supplement include treatment for fatigue, anxiousness and cold clammy hands.

Chelidonium majus works for back, shoulder pain and stomach distention, often symptoms of gallbladder issues. It is available in pellet form and the recommended dosage is five pellets dissolved in the mouth, three times a day. It is also a good treatment for indigestion.

Colocynthis, prescribed by homeopaths to treat cramping, and the intense stomach pain of gallstones, is available in pellet form. Five pellets, three times a day, is the recommend dosage. Also treats rage and emotional upset.

Vitamin Supplements

Gallbladder problems tend to occur in people who are lacking certain nutrients in their diet. Adding a supplement of vitamins C, E and calcium will help prevent gallstones


If you have gallbladder pain, it’s best to have a high fiber diet with healthy fats. You should focus on fruits, vegetables, fish, and nuts. Changing your diet can help prevent additional gallstones from forming.

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Gallbladder Cleanse

A gallbladder cleanse is an alternative remedy for treatment of gallstones. The purpose is to flush gallstones into the intestine and then out of your body. It consists of drinking fruit juice, olive oil and doing a saltwater flush. For four days, you fast, drinking only apple juice and distilled water. In the morning or evening, you add 2 teaspoons of unrefined salt into one quart of lukewarm water and drink it. You then lie on your right side for 30 minutes.

On the third night of the fast, you drink one-half cup of virgin olive oil and then drink one-fourth cup of lemon juice. You must sleep that night on your right side with two pillows propping you up.


It important to remember supplements and the gallbladder flush are unproven methods. If your pain is intense, you should see a doctor. If you are taking medication for any other condition, consult your doctor before taking supplements.