Full Body Detox Recipe

As you ease into a full body detox, cut meat from your diet and eat only raw fruits and veggies.

With the rise of homeopathic medicine, many individuals are looking more and more at the foods they eat and the liquids they drink and realizing that they are laden with toxins. According to some naturopathic physicians, preservatives, fats and parasites that we consume in food can linger in fatty deposits or the lining of our intestines for years. The answer, they say, is a full body detoxification.

Start and Finish

Many who have tried a full body detox have said that it is easier to undergo, and you get better results if you ease into and out of the program. To ease into the program, stop consuming caffeine, junk food and other substances with toxic ingredients a week before you start the detoxification process. Halt consumption of meat three days before the detoxification. Two days prior, stop eating cooked foods and consume only raw fruits and vegetables. The day before you begin your detox, take only broth, juice and pureed vegetables and fruits. To ease out of the program, repeat this process in reverse. Ideally, you will decide to halt all consumption of junk food, processed foods, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and other toxic substances once you have finished your full body detoxification.


Most full body detoxification recipes include some type of fiber component. Fiber is an important component because it provides the roughage that your intestines need to keep things moving. Psyllium husk powder is often recommended. Most detox programs also require probiotics, beneficial bacteria that your intestines need to keep your system in balance. Yogurt with active cultures is an excellent source of probiotics. Another ingredient that most recipes call for is some sort of alkaline substance that draws toxins out of the system. Two of the best liquids that accomplish this are lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.

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When advocates of a detox program refer to a recipe, they do not mean that all the ingredients need to be combined. Instead, a detox recipe generally calls for the psyllium husk to be ingested in the morning. Additionally, a non-caffeinated laxative tea may be taken at night to help cleanse the bowels. Throughout the day for the duration of your detoxification, the lemon juice or vinegar should be alternated with filtered water. Should you require extra nutrients or calories, you may add honey, brown rice syrup or B-grade maple syrup to the alkaline liquid. The probiotics should be taken in the last few days of your cleanse to help rebuild the beneficial bacteria in your intestines. Although some individuals have undergone the detoxification program for as long as 30 days, A good length of time for a cleanse is about 7 to10 days.